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Software Development Engineer at Infusionsoft
Chandler, AZ, US
At Infusionsoft, we help small businesses succeed.

We don’t just say that, we mean it and we do it every day. And often times, working at Infusionsoft is much like running a small business. There will be long days and incredible challenges, but the reward will be contributing to something that is larger than you. We want you to bring hustle, grit, and passion to everything you do here. You will be expected to take high ownership and improve yourself constantly. You will be held accountable to our 9 Core Values and will be expected to hold your teammates accountable as well. The values are what unify us and allow us to make the impact that we do. They are crucial on our mission to becoming the undisputed champion of small business success.

Together...we will replenish the middle class. We will elevate the worldwide economy. We will inspire kids to dream of becoming entrepreneurs.

We are the Product Development team and we’re looking for a hungry, passionate and creative Software Engineer to join our team. You will be integrated into a fast moving environment where we are constantly learning and growing as a team and as individuals. We're looking for someone who is ready to dive right in. As part of the Infusionsoft team, your opinion not only counts, but is routinely requested. You will be working closely with a very talented and skilled team that is passionate about empowering entrepreneurs and helping small businesses succeed.

The Work
Mastery: Elevate personal technical acumen with teams and department.
Product delivery and value: ensure valuable software is built and shipped to create valuable insight and immediate impact.
Operational excellence: Deliver high quality code with high levels of coverage, low complexity and low defect rate.
Daily Execution Excellence
Work with energetic, driven, passionate engineers, testers, designers, architects and product owners that work together towards the common goal of building world-class solutions for small business owners.
Ensure projects are completed and properly documented according to specifications and timelines.
Collaborate well in a cross-functional team of designers, developers and Quality Engineering.
If you can execute the work, you can do the job. That being said, we realize we likely need someone with…

3-5 years of experience
Development experience with: Java, Spring, Spring MVC, Hibernate, Tomcat, Javascript, HTML, CSS.
Agile development experience - Scrum, XP practices, TDD
Work experience with: Git/GitHub, Maven, Gradle, JIRA, Confluence, CircleCI
Excellent coding skills and programming knowledge
A work hard / play hard attitude that will flourish in an open development environment.
A proven track record of successful projects involving design and development with the above frameworks and technologies
Experience building robust, highly scalable back-end systems
Ideally, you possess...

Experience developing under Agile, SCRUM or similar iterative unified processes
Understanding of security best practices
Previous work at fast growth company or in an entrepreneurial environment.
GitHub / Stackoverflow profile demonstrating contributions to open source or personal projects.