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Developer Support Engineer at Ionic
United States of America
When Ionic’s customers run into problems and need our help, they turn to our Customer Success team. This team’s goal is to help developers keep their apps running and their end-users happy as quickly and effectively as possible. 

The Developer Support Engineer (DSE) is a key member of the Customer Success team. DSEs work directly with developers using Ionic to create their applications and help them troubleshoot technical issues. In addition to providing support, DSEs also communicate with and assist the rest of the company and the Ionic community to ensure developer needs are met across the board.
If you enjoy an entrepreneurial environment where your opinion counts, and want to be part of our talented Customer Success team, the Developer Support Engineer position is for you.

Role Responsibilities

  • Triage, resolve, and escalate incoming support requests
  • Debug complex customer issues involving multiple platforms such as web, Android, and iOS
  • Identify bugs and record comprehensive reproduction steps using your own test environment
  • Be an advocate for our customers when representing their issues to other teams within Ionic
  • Be resourceful and find innovative ways to resolve issues
  • Document standards, processes, and procedures related to best practices, issues, and resolutions
  • Track and report ongoing issues and incidents related to Ionic Appflow and other products
  • Assist with pre-sales inquiries, customer onboarding, training and routine follow ups

Experience & Qualifications Required

  • Ability to empathize with end users and interact with people at all levels throughout the organization
  • Strong writing skills. Capable of explaining highly technical concepts in a concise and cogent manner
  • Comfortable with bash and working from the command line
  • Experience with Git and SSH
  • Familiarity with Javascript and object-oriented (OO) programming principles
  • Understanding of front end web development with some experience debugging web apps

Desired Qualifications

  • Experience troubleshooting and debugging iOS or Android applications
  • Experience with Cordova or hybrid mobile app development
  • Experience working with open source software and managing projects in GitHub
  • Experience with front end JS frameworks like Angular, React or Vue
  • Experience with Objective-C/Swift or Java
  • Prior experience (preferably 2-4 years) in a customer support role
Additional Notes:
Applicants must be eligible to work in the US. Remote applicants welcome! Bonus points for WI applicants.

About Ionic

We build software that helps others build amazing mobile, web and desktop applications. 
In 2013 we launched the Ionic Framework, an open source software (OSS) project that made it possible for web developers to build fast, beautiful mobile apps for any platform using a single codebase.  Our aim was to empower millions of web developers to build incredible apps using the web technologies (HTML, CSS, and Javascript) that they had come to know and love. 
Since then, Ionic has been adopted by individuals and enterprises all over the world -- from early-stage startups to some of the world’s largest brands. Meanwhile, our platform has evolved far beyond our initial OSS toolset. Ionic now offers a complete app development platform that helps individuals and teams design, build, and deliver apps faster and more easily than ever before. 
Every successful B2B product/company makes its users/customers look great in the eyes of their colleagues, bosses and end customers. That’s what we do and it’s how we’ve started building a rapidly growing commercial business on top of our OSS success. To keep doing that, we need your help.