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Senior Full Stack Developer at Ionic
United States of America
Desired  Skills and Personal Characteristics
  • You have substantive practical experience as a  developer building complex web applications. A CS degree and the knowledge of  core concepts it provides are highly valued.
  • You are  passionate and deeply curious about software development. You’re also  passionate about the software development community and helping other software  developers achieve their professional goals.
  • You are laser  focused on the end-user while also keeping in mind what the business is working  to achieve and how your work will support business objectives.
  • You are  someone who is constantly evaluating the newest technologies and thinking of  ways to incorporate them into your work.
  • You’re  results oriented. You like creatively solving problems and using your knowledge  and expertise to help people in a range of ways.
  • Your personality  fits and even enhances Ionic’s culture of humility, authenticity, continuous  learning and improvement, transparency, communication and customer centricity.
  • You’re not  freaked out by the ambiguity common in a startup.
  • You’re a  self-starter.
  • You’re a team  player -- you put the interests of the team and the company above your own.
  • You are open  to the idea of working across the technology stack from front-end to back-end  with a range of technologies, as opposed to wanting to focus on a specific area  of engineering.

Desired Experience
  • Experience in JavaScript and JS frameworks/libraries (React, Angular, Vue, Node, TypeScript) is desirable.
  • Scripting experience in Python, Golang and/or similar languages is advantageous.
  • Experience building complex web applications and/or mobile apps along with database experience (we use PostgreSQL) is desirable.
  • Experience  with Heroku, Docker and/or AWS is a plus.

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